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  Top 60 Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

How did the Rummy game begin?
What are the different types of Rummy games?
Is it legal to play Rummy for real money online?
Why is Rummy classified as a game of skill and not of luck?
Does the law of probability affect the outcome of a Rummy game?
What do I need to be an expert Rummy player?
What approaches can I use in playing Rummy?
Why do I need to appraise my hand in Rummy?
When are the best times to knock, underknock, or play for gin in Gin Rummy?
How does card manipulation work and is it considered as cheating in Rummy?

What is Gin Rummy and how is it different from other Rummy games?
What are contracts and what role do they play in Contract Rummy?
What kinds of Rummy tournaments are available?
Where did the name Rummy come from?
How do I start playing Rummy online?
Can I play Rummy for free?
How can I make a deposit to play Rummy for real money online?
How can I receive my winnings when I play Rummy for real money online?
What is Canasta and how does it differ from classic Rummy?
What is the World Series of Gin Rummy and how do I join it?

Do I need to have a good memory to play Rummy?
What Rummy cheating techniques should I watch out for?
What is a single-table Rummy tournament and how do I join them?
What is a multi-table tournament and how do I join it?
What is Tile Rummy and how is it different from classic Rummy?
Which Rummy software should I download?
Can I download a Rummy software if I am using a Mac and how do I do it?
How is Rummy similar to Poker?
Can I play Rummy games on my PocketPC or PalmOS and how?
Can I play Rummy partnership games?

What are the winning moves in Gin Rummy?
What special promotions can I get when I play Rummy online?
How many bonuses do I get by inviting a friend to play Rummy online?
How should I deal cards in Gin Rummy?
What is a tied hand in Gin Rummy?
What are the different ways of scoring in Gin Rummy?
What are the dangers of playing to the wall?
What are some common problems in Partnership Gin Rummy?
What is Coffee-housing?
What are the different variants of Gin Rummy?

What are some common tips to win in Gin Rummy?
How should I Strategize in Rummy?
What happens if I get disconnected while playing a Rummy game?
What are loyalty programs in Rummy websites and how do they work?
What is the safe count and how do I watch it?
What are the different types of shuffling that Rummy players can use?
How do beginners, average, and experts in Rummy differ from one another?
What are counterfeit melds and counterfeit counts? Are they considered cheating?
How did Gin Rummy become popular?
What are the responsibilities of the scorekeeper in Gin Rummy?

How can my temperament affect my Rummy game?
How effective is the strategy of early discarding?
What are the different types of card cheats that can be used in Gin Rummy?
Do I have to watch the money card?
When should I discard a low card?
How can I get the cards I need through advertising?
What do I do when I am dealt combined cards?
How should I make a defensive play in Rummy?
What is the Safety Factor Point Count System in Gin Rummy?



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