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  How did the Rummy game begin?

The Rummy game was said to have begun in the 1800s. Currently, there are three accounts of how the game was officially created. Some accounts link the game to the ancient Spanish game called Conquian, which has been around for about hundreds of years now. Conquian is a popular Spanish card game played with the same draw and discard pattern of playing. It was highly popular in Spain and finally made its way to Mexico and eventually to the United States. Conquian goes by many other names, such as Coon Kin or Coon Can. Despite the fact that it is linked to the history of Rummy and is actually widely considered as the most likely predecessor of the game, Conquian games nowadays are already considered as variants of the Rummy game since Rummy has overtaken its predecessor in terms of popularity.

Some also say that Rummy was actually derived from one of the most popular card games of all time, which is Poker. Poker, in turn, has French roots. Some accounts of the history of Rummy game link Rummy to Whiskey Poker, or more specifically, to its variant, the Rum Poker. Rum Poker was said to have given way to a game called Rum, which meant “queer” or “odd” in England. Then, the name was eventually turned to Rummy. The game is similar to Poker in the aspect of putting cards in certain groups together. In Rummy, this is called melding, a move where you place your cards into sets and runs, sets being groups of cards with similar ranks but different suits and runs being groups of cards with similar suits and consecutive values.

There are still some more accounts of how the Rummy game was officially born. Some game historians have also managed to trace the history of Rummy back to the ancient Asian games, more specifically the Chinese game called Mah-jong and another Japanese game. This Asian version of Rummy’s history is not as popular because the said Asian games have major differences to the modern Rummy that millions of people all over the world play nowadays. Mah-jong has a similar pattern of playing, but one big difference is that it is played with cubes instead of cards. The Japanese version of Rummy’s origins, however, used flower cards instead of the usual playing cards used for card games in the modern times.

The real history of Rummy is still not verified since there are three accounts of where the game really began. Some historians think that the final Rummy game was the result of combining the best features of many different games such as those linked to its history. For example, the draw and discard pattern may have been taken from the Conquian game, while the grouping of cards as the objective may have been taken from the games from the Orient. The game just kept on evolving until an exciting game called Rummy was born. Now, the story continues as Rummy keeps on evolving into many different types of games that Rummy players can play and enjoy.




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