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  How does card manipulation work and is it
  considered as cheating in Rummy?

Card manipulation is a well-known technique used in playing Rummy, and in most circles, it is considered a cheating technique.

This technique, however, has some basic concepts that can help any player win the game. It is not hard to master though this may take some time and practice, and a lot of players already know how to benefit from this.

One classic example of card manipulation is if a player leaves an entire meld on the bottom part of the pack as he takes the cards following the end of the previous hand. Then, he makes the play of shuffling without disturbing the cards at the bottom of the pack. It is likely that regardless of how the deck is handled, the four-card meld at the bottom of the pack will stay intact. It is also quite likely that the players will get at least two out of the four cards. The person who executes the card manipulation therefore knows at least two of the cards in the opponent’s hand. As any Rummy player will tell you, this is valuable information to have. This is a pretty easy way of cheating in a Rummy game and to protect yourself from this, you should make sure you shuffle the cards thoroughly, especially the open ends of the deck, when it is your turn to deal. In fact, this is already considered a rule in the game since cheating became very common in the 70s and 80s.

Aside from that, a player can also manipulate cards by removing a card from the deck. This is a bit more challenging than the first card manipulation technique because it is more easily noticeable. There are many ways that players can do this. This can be done by leaving a card inside the box when you are taking a new deck at the beginning of the game. It is also possible for players to intentionally drop a card when he shuffles the deck. Another method is palming one card and hiding it in one’s pocket. All these methods and many others can be used, as long as the end result is that the deck will lack one card. This is considered a notorious cheating technique that Rummy players should watch out against since this technique offers a huge advantage to the card manipulator. The card manipulator, knowing the value of the card that is missing, benefits by knowing not to form his melds around the missing card. This means he can avoid dead ends in his melds. He can also play safely with that card since he also knows that it is not in the possession of his opponent. This may not be the easiest cheating technique, but it can be mastered, so all the more reason for you to watch out for players who try to cut a deck short of one card. If you want to be protected from this, your best move is to count the deck to make sure that it is complete before the game officially begins. Aside from that, after the completion of a hand, you should look through the remaining cards to see whether the cards that are supposed to be there are still there.




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