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  What are the different types of Rummy games?

There are many different types of Rummy games that Rummy players can choose from if they want to enjoy the Rummy way. In fact, the many different variants of Rummy are key to the further development and the increasing popularity of the game. But since there are many different types of Rummy games, naming them all can be quite a challenge. In short, however, the variants are placed under different categories regarding their similarities.

These different categories are as follows: basic Rummy games, Conquian, Knock, Contract Rummy, and Meld Scoring.

The basic Rummy games are the most popular ones. These are also the games that are most similar to the original form of Rummy. The games under this category are Kalooki and Rummikub, though Rummikub is played with tiles instead of playing cards. The main classification of the games under this category is that they all follow the same objective, which is to be the first to meld the hand. In all these games, the first to get rid of the cards, or tiles in case of Rummikub, in their hand or rack wins the game.

The next category of Rummy games includes those that are based on the Conquian game, the ancient Spanish game said to be the root of Rummy. In these games, the objective is similar to the classic Rummy game. The games also follow the same “draw and discard” pattern but with slight changes. In the classic Rummy game, the players should add the drawn cards to their hand, but in the Conquian-based games, this is not the case. The games under this category are Conquian itself and Panguingue.

The third category includes Rummy games that focus on the knocking strategies. The knocking move is one of the most popular moves in Rummy games. It only makes sense that the most popular variant of Rummy, which is Gin Rummy, belongs to this category. In these games, the focus is mainly on knocking, which means going out even though you haven’t gotten rid of all your cards as long as you feel certain that your deadwood count is lower than your opponents’. The games in this category also involve two other moves, such as undercut and going gin in the Gin games. Another variant in this category is the Tonk, another unique and popular Rummy variant.

The fourth category is Contract-style Rummy. These are games where the players should first meet certain requirements, which are called “contracts.” This is basically the largest category of Rummy games. The category includes games such as Shanghai Rummy, Liverpool Rummy, International Rummy, Progressive Rummy, Joker Rummy, and many other less popular variants such as Carioca, Jamaican Kalooki, South African Kalooki, Push, and Telefunken. In some of these variants, there are minor changes to the rules or to the requirements for the different hands in the games. But the objective of having to meet a predetermined set of card combinations is present in all the games.

The fifth category, Meld Scoring, includes Rummy games that award points for specific melds. This means that some melds are more valuable than others. Some games in this category include International Rummikub, Mah-Jong, and Canasta. Canasta is a unique and popular variant where special points are awarded to players who get to form a seven-card meld, which is called a Canasta.

Those are some of the most popular variants of Rummy broken down according to their categories.




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