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  Why is Rummy classified as a game of skill and not of luck?

Rummy is considered a game of skill because players can make the game go the way they want if they have the skills to do so.

First of all, every step of the game requires the players to make different decisions. The game does not just flow on its own. Aside from that, all the decisions that the players make can affect the game and completely change the way it goes. This means that the players have control over the game unlike in other card games that are based purely on luck where some aspects of the game cannot possibly be controlled. This also means that players who have better Rummy skills, better decision-making skills, and better strategic skills, have an advantage over his opponents.

Another reason why Rummy is mostly considered as a skill-based game is that it has some more complicated variants that need more than just regular Rummy skills to play. These complicated games require serious skills for a player to win them. Aside from skills, the games require a good memory and an insightful perspective. Also, some variants allow very little amount of luck to affect the game.

But Rummy is not entirely unaffected by luck. Rummy is, after all, still a game, and like all games, chance still happens to be a key element in bringing enjoyment into the game. Thus, the game still involves some luck up to a certain extent. For example, the game begins with randomly dealing the cards to all the players. In this instance, only luck determines which cards the players will get. And since these are the cards the players will have to play with, that means luck still has a say in the game.

In some cases, the role of luck in a game of Rummy depends on the players and on the setting in which the game is played. Beginners or players who are playing the game just for fun and are not using complicated strategies and techniques to block one another’s moves may allow luck to play a bigger role in the game. This is actually one of the factors that differentiate experts from beginners. Experts know how luck affects the game and can rely on their skills to benefit from it and fight against the negative effects of luck if necessary, while beginners will simply accept it as it is: odds that they do not have control over. As a Rummy player, you will learn how to play with your luck in a game of Rummy as you collect more experience in playing the game. If you are just a beginner and you want to become a more advanced player, the first thing you need to know is how to balance your luck.

Although Rummy was first created as a card game that people could enjoy indoors with family and friends, it has now evolved into a competitive skill-based game, near to the likes of chess. Rummy is still a highly enjoyable game, but it can also be treated as a challenge that takes years for players to master and become experts with.



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