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  When are the best times to knock,
  underknock, or play for gin in Gin Rummy?

The best times to knock, underknock, or to go gin in a game of Gin Rummy is dependent on many factors such as your hand and the status of the scores in the game.

If you find yourself in a schneid, you should knock as soon as you find the opportunity to do so. Even if you have a pretty good hand, you cannot rule out the possibility that your opponent’s hand is just as good. Also, if you happen to be lagging behind in terms of the score and the game is nearing the end, the more you need to knock as quickly as you can. The score is also a good determiner of when to knock. There are instances when knocking will get you more points than possible if you wait for the chance to go gin. While waiting to go gin, you may already be losing a lot of points, so this is something you need to carefully make up your mind about. There are, however, certain situations that call for a knock. For example, if your knock is an ace, then you certainly should knock. Aside from that, if you are behind based on the scores and would like to catch up with your opponent, knocking is a good way to do that. Also, if you pay attention to your opponent’s moves and have some idea of what his cards are like, you should knock if you know that your opponent is not in a good position to knock or if his hand is already dead.

On the contrary, if it is your opponent on a schneid, then it is a good time for you to go gin and not to knock. But this still depends on the status of your hand and what stage of the game you are already in. If you are in the latter stages of the game, you should set your goals on going gin instead of knocking. Underknocking is also a good move that can win you a lot of bonus boxes. But aside from that particular benefit, underknocking your opponent is like landing a blow at his self-esteem and his confidence will ultimately be deflated. This gives you an added advantage in the game. There are, however, certain hands that have to be played only to underknock your opponent. You may allow your opponent to knock but play your hand to make sure you get the opportunity to underknock.

Most players often stick to one strategy from the beginning of the game until the end. Some decides to focus on knocking, while some decides to keep their eyes on going gin rather than knocking. Whatever you decide, it is always better if your decisions are in line with a general strategy that you apply to your entire game. This means that all your moves are made at just the right time and for the right reasons. Knowing when to knock or to let the opportunity pass so you can work to go gin is an important part of any Gin Rummy game.




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