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 Canasta for Windows: Review

 Software : Canasta for Windows
 License : download Canasta for Windows ( Trial )
 Score :
 O.S. 98/2k/ME/XP
 Company Website :

Canasta is one of the many exciting variants of Rummy games, and this variant becomes even more popular with the coming of Canasta for Windows, a Canasta game software that can be installed in your computer for home and instant gaming anytime you feel like it. Canasta for Windows is, as is apparent from its name, made specifically for Windows-based computers. The software is designed so it can be run on any computer operating on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 200, Windows NT, and Windows XP. A Windows Vista version, however, is yet to be added. But majority of Windows users will definitely get access to exciting Canasta games thanks to the Canasta for Windows software.

download Canasta for Windows

This software has a lot of capabilities and features that can provide you with maximum Canasta enjoyment. The first thing that should be said about this software is that it allows multiple players. Of course, it can be played alone, which literally translates to playing with an imaginary opponent. But the best thing about this software is that you can also play Canasta with other actual players with the same software. This can be done via Internet connection. So this means you can share your Rummy enjoyment with other people, which will definitely raise the stakes and the excitement of your games. You can choose to play with people you know, but you can also choose to play with people you don’t know, which means that the software can also allow you to meet some new people with interests similar to yours. On top of that, you can save all your games so you can easily go back to saved games. Canasta for Windows also automatically saves all high scores so you can record your progress. You will also be given a summary ratio of your wins, which is a very helpful information for expert players who take their games more seriously than others. Aside from saving games, you can also undo your moves and even take your melds back if you think you made a wrong move. If you need help while playing, you can also refer to the comprehensive help file that explains both the rules of the game as well as how the software works.

But that’s not all. You can also enjoy various levels of Canasta with this software. The software has three skill levels, each one more difficult than the last. This means that the ultimate challenge has just gotten even more challenging. This also means that beginners and experts alike will definitely enjoy this software. Aside from that, it also supports resolutions of up to 1280 x 1240. The screen size is, of course, variable, so it also supports 640 x 480 display resolutions. Other audiovisual features include customizable card deck designs as well as sound effects and background music while playing.

All these features make your Canasta gaming worthwhile, and since you are playing with an opponent that never tires, you can keep on playing for as long as you are still up for it. This also makes the software an ideal companion when you need to practice and improve your Rummy skills. The software has also been designed in a way that makes playing very convenient. The computer automatically deals the cards, and no shuffling is needed so you can go straight to the game.

The Canasta software was also created for seamless installation. Everything with regards to installation is already done automatically, including the placement of the icon on your desktop for easy access. The installation also automatically runs the software after completion.

If you are interested, you can try downloading the trial edition first. You can use the trial version to play the software for an hour. You can easily buy the full version when the trial version ends. Downloading won’t take too long, since the download file size is only around 1.08 MB. You can avail of the full software for just $19.95. The software is created by Canasta BV and is offered in many websites for download.




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