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 Championship Rummy Pro for Windows: A Review

 Software : Championship Rummy Pro for Windows 7.08
 License : download Championship Rummy Pro (Shareware)
 Score :
 O.S. 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
 Company Website : DreamQuest Software

Championship Rummy Pro for Windows is just like the Championship Gin Pro for Windows, except that it offers a wider collection of Rummy games that explore the different variants and not just the Gin ones. This means that with this Rummy software, you can enjoy classic Rummy, Gin games, Kalooki games, and even other variants such as Michigan Rummy and Reverse Rummy. This software is also similar to the Rummy software of the same name that can be installed in PalmOS devices as well as in Windows Mobile devices.

The Championship Rummy Pro for Windows software is considered a jewel in the world of Rummy gaming. You can use the software to play excellent Rummy games on your computer wherever you go. This means you don’t have to go through all the effort to set up a Rummy game night or to find the opportunity to play Rummy. Just having your Windows-based computer would be enough. But the convenience is not the best feature of the game. Its best feature is its excellent rendition of the Rummy games. The games are set in a realistic environment and are played in a clean and organized game window. The graphics are well-generated and look sharp and realistic. The cards have clear and large numbers and suits that can be easily seen. The game window feels real and comfortable that you will feel perfectly at ease when you play.

As with the other versions of this software for handheld devices, the Windows version also contains a tutorial. The tutorial is an excellent helper for beginners who are looking to learn how to play Rummy games. But this software is not just for beginners; experts will certainly find some aspects of the tutorial quite helpful, with its focus on Rummy strategies. Unlimited game hints are also provided even during a game and games are always saved and recorded so you can go back and check your performance as time progresses. The software can even help you track your progress as you get better in the game. And playing the Championship Rummy Pro for Windows is certainly an excellent way to improve your Rummy skills.

You can also play with the Rummy games before you even start to actually play. This means that you can customize the games that you play to make them exactly the games that you are looking to play. Despite the fact that the software already provides several Rummy variants, you can even come up with your own variants by adjusting the scoring, deck size, player number, and many other aspects of the game to suit your preferences. And to make you feel more at home with every game you play, you can also choose from many different tabletop designs and deck designs. This will ensure that you will not get bored with your Rummy games considering that every time, you can play with a different background and different decks.

Another great feature that you should not miss with this software is the variety of characters that you can choose from to be your opponents. There are characters such as Starla, Chuckles, Wes, and many others. They all have different personalities and skill levels so you can play the games that meet your skills and are challenging enough for you. In the Championship Rummy Pro for Windows, there are games for beginners and experts alike.

You can avail of the free trial version of the Championship Rummy Pro for Windows to play ten free games. Once you use up your free games, you can avail of the full version for only $19.99. The size of the software upon download is 5.29 MB. All software packages bought will be backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.




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