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Hand and Foot Canasta is the name of a special version of Canasta, which is another one of the many variants of Rummy. This version of Canasta contains several exciting twists that turn your ordinary Canasta game into a whole new game that offers far greater enjoyment than you would expect. In this game, each player will be given two hands, which he has to play at the same time. Based on this alone, it is safe to say that this game is more challenging than your regular Rummy game. And as with all Rummy games, the greater the challenge, the more competitive the players become. The main reason is that the games are skill-based, so when the challenge is higher, the players naturally raise their own skills to match up to the challenge level. This is a great version that should be played by all serious Rummy players, especially the advanced players who have the regular Rummy games one too many times. The Hand and Foot Canasta offers a wholly different Rummy experience.

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download Hand and Foot Canasta Free Software

The Hand and Foot Canasta software offers a great game of Hand and Foot Canasta for those who are looking for a new Rummy experience that they can play even when they are at home. The game offered in the software is competitive and fast-paced, and definitely gives justice to the challenging game that the real Hand and Foot Canasta is. If you are a Rummy player who likes challenges, you will most certainly enjoy this software.

The game in Hand and Foot Canasta software is a two-handed game that uses three decks of cards. This alone gives us a clue as to how exciting this Rummy variant is. In addition to that, the game has to be played up to 10,000 points, so this is definitely your ultimate Rummy challenge. To start the game, all the players have to choose their individual hand and foot cards. The Hand and Foot Canasta software game follows the same game play as in the actual Hand and Foot Canasta game. The software supports the same rules regarding the use of Jokers and Deuces, as well as regarding the clean and dirty books on all the card values except the wild cards and the Threes. The same rules on picking from the pile and many other moves also apply.

This is considered as one of the most addictive Rummy software around. Previous users have already warned that the game can get quite addictive. And with many excellent features, your games become even more enticing. The Hand and Foot Canasta software supports draws from either the discard pile or the stock pile. You can also add some customizable elements to the Hand and Foot games you play. For example, you can choose to play with or without sounds. You can also choose to play at a fast speed or stick to the normal pace of the game. On top of that, you can also save your ongoing games for later playing if you need to stop playing for some time. This helps ensure that you can finish your games to the end so you can meet all your challenges. You can also keep track of all your wins and losses with the win/loss record kept by the software. All in all, the Hand and Foot Canasta software contains all the important elements that will enable you to enjoy your Hand and Foot Rummy games to the full.

If you want to download the Hand and Foot Canasta software, you can download the full software at a price of just $24. The download size is 1.05 MB. The software is created by SAC Products specifically for computers running on Windows platform.




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