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 The Big Review: Card Master

 Software : Card Master 9.0.0
 License : download Card Master (Shareware)
 Score :
 O.S. 98/2k/ME/XP
 Company Website : Owl king Publishing LLC

Card Master is a highly impressive card game software that you can install into your computer for unlimited card games anytime and anywhere as long as you have your computer with you. Card Master is popular for its impressive visuals and its variety of games. It is now considered to be one of the most popular and well-loved card game software around.

Card Master is acclaimed for its wide collection of card games. It is especially known for its Rummy games, though it is by no means the software’s only product. Card Master proves that it is indeed the master of card gaming by presenting many different card games to players. Aside from Rummy games, you can also enjoy Arlington, Bezique, Canasta, Durok, Fantan, German Whist, Oh Hell, Euchre, Spades, Skat, and that’s just naming a very few out of the total number of 21 different games. Arlington and Canasta are considered to be unique forms of Rummy, but are Rummy variants nonetheless. Aside from that, the Card Master contains some kids built specifically for kids such as War and Knaves. This means that you certainly will not get bored with this software. If you are a Rummy fan, then consider the extra games as great freebies. This also means you can switch games every time you play so you won’t get tired from playing the same game over and over again. And to make the games even more exciting than you’d imagine, they are usually presented in three main formats, specifically the two-player format, the three-player format, and the four-player format. This means you can also enjoy the games in the Card Master software with other card games.

download Card Master


Aside from being able to choose from a wide variety of card games, you can also customize certain options in the game that you are playing. Being able to do so will ensure that you play your Rummy games the way you’ve always wanted. On top of that, the package also comes with an automatic save feature. You can easily save an ongoing game if you need to go at the present but would like to continue the game in the future. And as a bonus, you can easily track the movement of your scores with every game you have. But the best thing is that the game environment and the graphics are all very impressive and realistically rendered.

Interested players may download the software from several trusted websites around. Just make sure to do a bit of background checking before you decide to but the software. The download size is at 5.08 MB, and the entire software package is wholly available to you. The software can be bought for only $14.95. Once your payment is finalized, you will be led to download the software. Once you have downloaded it, you need to follow the prompts in the application so you can successfully install the program. After your successful installation, you can immediately start playing your favorite Rummy games.

The software is created by Owl King Publishing, LLC. It is meant specifically for use in Windows computers. If you get the full version, you can enjoy unlimited games. And aside from that, if you register your copy of Card Master, you will be given six months completely for free. Now, that is what value is supposed to be. In more ways than one, the Card Master software has managed to prove its dominance in the world of card games. It is now quite popular, especially since it caters to a wide range of players from all over. Not only Rummy players but several other card game fans can highly enjoy and benefit from the Card Master software.



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