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  Rummikub History

The Rummikub history is a long one, with the game dating back to the 1940s. The history of Rummy may be a bit confusing, but the history of Rummikub is very clear. The game was invented by a game inventor named Ephraim Hertzano.

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  Gin Rummy History

Just like its predecessor, Rummy, Gin Rummy also has several sides to its history. Game experts and game historians alike find it difficult to figure out the truth behind the origins of Gin Rummy. And since Gin Rummy was based on the original game of Rummy, the theories regarding the roots of Rummy games also apply to Gin Rummy.

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  Kalooki History

Kalooki is a popular game that belongs to the Rummy family. It comes in many variants such as Kalooki 51 and Kalooki 40. Kalooki, even as a Rummy game, stands out from the rest of the variants of Rummy because it involves some rules that are unique to it.

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  Oklahoma Gin History

Oklahoma Gin is the most popular variant of the Gin Rummy subcategory of Rummy games. Oklahoma Gin is especially popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world.

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  Rummy History

When you ask around for the true Rummy history, you can expect to be bombarded with many different stories about how Rummy games really came about. It is ironic how, given the popularity of Rummy games, the history of the games remain obscure even until now, when almost everything seems possible. Game experts still find it difficult to trace back the real road that led to Rummy, perhaps because the game has combined the great parts of several different games, linking it to more than one ancient game.

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