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  Looking Back at the Full Oklahoma Gin History

Oklahoma Gin is the most popular variant of the Gin Rummy subcategory of Rummy games. Oklahoma Gin is especially popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world. This game is very similar to the classic game of Gin Rummy, which means that it is also highly exciting and widely played. To start enjoying a game of Oklahoma Gin, you need a standard card deck with 52 cards, so Jokers are not allowed. Each player in a game of Oklahoma Gin gets ten cards, but there are also some versions of the game, especially those offered online, that deals seven cards to the players. This is also often done when there are more than two players in the game. All the cards are then given preset values. The face or royal cards are valued at ten points each, while the number cards take their face value. The aces, however, are considered as low cards such as in classic Rummy, since they only have one point each. The importance of these card values is centered mostly on the scoring aspect of the game and on the determination of every player’s deadwood count, which refers to the total value of all the cards in his hand that remain unmatched or unmelded. That’s the basic setup in playing Oklahoma Gin. But before anything else, it pays to look back at the Oklahoma Gin history and see how the game was invented.

Tracing the Oklahoma Gin History Back to the Rummy History

Oklahoma Gin is a variant of Gin Rummy, which, as every Rummy player knows, is the most popular variant of Rummy. This means that following the Oklahoma Gin history will take you through both the history of Gin Rummy and the history of the Rummy game. At this point, the discussion branches out into three sides, each one representing the different versions of the elusive story about how Rummy was really given birth to. It is commonly known that Rummy is a descendant of the Conquian, a Spanish game said to have dominated Mexico and the West during the 19th century. It is now considered to be the most widely believed predecessor of Rummy, though some other games may give Conquian a run for its money. Another game that is supposed to be the predecessor of this highly popular card game is yet another card game that has the same level of popularity. This is Poker, or more specifically, the Poker variant called Rum Poker. Rum Poker was originally known as Whiskey Poker, but now, this game is what people now believe to the original game of Rummy. But Poker is not the only other game connected to Rummy. Two Asian games, namely Mah-Jong and Hanafuda, both bear resemblances to the Rummy game, and so they are also said to have contributed to the making of the Rummy game.

Oklahoma Gin History: The Gin Rummy Connection

After Rummy was invented, the rules were refined and some modifications were made to the game. The game gave way to several subcategories and variants, one of which became Gin Rummy. Gin Rummy is now considered to be the top Rummy variant. It was highly popular during the Great Depression as the kitchen table game that most households during that time played every night. Gin Rummy became popular possibly because of its focus on the knocking strategies. Whereas the other variants of Rummy only allowed players to go out by eliminating all their cards, often resulting in long, dragging games, Gin Rummy allowed players to go out even without getting rid of the entire hand they are holding. They just need to meld as much cards as possible so as to lower the value of their deadwoods to a level that is lower than the count of your opponent’s deadwoods. This provides an extra excitement and challenge to the game, and also makes the game go at a faster pace. Due to the popularity of Gin Rummy, the rules were changed a bit to create some variants of Gin, one of which is Oklahoma Gin.

Oklahoma Gin History: Traces of Original Rummy

Taking a look at the long Oklahoma Gin history, it is easy to appreciate what an exciting game it has turned out to be. Several of its concepts and rules are exactly the same as those that govern a game of Gin Rummy, especially with regards to dealing, drawing, discarding, and melding cards. In this game, like in other Gin games, the players need to draw cards from either one of the two piles on the table and discard a card from their hand. They also need to meld cards together into sets and runs. However, in Oklahoma Gin, the upcard plays a bigger role in determining the rules that govern the knocking strategies in the game.



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