Rummikub was first invented on 1940. it has a very interesting story, Learn everything about it right now!

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  Rummikub History: Where Did This Game Come From?

The Rummikub history is a long one, with the game dating back to the 1940s. The history of Rummy may be a bit confusing, but the history of Rummikub is very clear. The game was invented by a game inventor named Ephraim Hertzano. Hertzano came up with the game when he first thought about using another type of material in playing the traditional card games. He thought of using cubes instead, and that was when the first concept of the game took root. Eventually, the game gave birth to three different variations, namely the American version, the International version, and the Sabra version. The game was first invented in Israel and the Rummikub tiles were first manufactured there as well. The first ever set of Rummikub tiles was created and sold door-to-door by Hertzano himself. It seems that Hertzano believed in the game that he created and fought until the game finally became popular. The game picked up speed quite fast, particularly because of the exciting play of the game. When the game became even more popular, it was eventually brought to Europe and the United States. In the end, Hertzano succeeded in creating one spectacular and unbelievably popular game.

The Rummikub History: The Full Story

Ephraim Hertzano was not a game inventor by profession. His main occupation was a merchant who manufactured toothbrushes and sold them as a way to make money. He was also able to produce different types of plastic items and even sold some cosmetics. During his time, however, the ancient card games that were already being popularized in other parts of the world were not allowed to be played in Romania where Ephraim Hertzano and his family lived. Hertzano noticed the problem when he and his family could not think of games to play because there were only a few choices. At that point, Hertzano finally started writing the Rummikub history. The first seeds of this exciting game finally germinated in his brain. He envisioned a game similar to the card games popular in other countries but played with cubes instead of cards. The cubes would then have different colors instead of suits. He also thought about wooden boards with slots where the cubes can be placed. Then, he took the games from the card games that they only heard about. What Hertzano had in mind, however, was to create a game that was both exciting but also easy so that people can play it and can easily get hooked onto it. Hertzano was not well-off, so finances were a challenge for him. At first, he wondered how his vision of this great game can come true. His first challenge was to create the tiles, which was difficult since both plastic and wood were quite expensive to use. Finally, he found a manufacturing shop where he found airplane cockpit canopies being turned into toothbrushes. That was when he found the perfect material for his Rummy cubes. After that, it did not take him long to create the actual Rummy cubes.

Rummikub History Picks Up Speed

After Hertzano was able to create the Rummy tiles, the rest was Rummikub history. He started invited his friends to play a legal game that can entertain them during the evenings. When people found that the game was quite enjoyable, it soon spread quickly and a lot of people started to look for their own sets of Rummy tiles. Store owners started to demand for the Rummy tiles, and Hertzano gladly responded to the demand for the game that was his brainchild. He set about refining the rules of the games and improving the tiles he created, until he christened the game as “Rummikub.” Now, after the Rummikub history has been completed, the game is considered the top tile game of all time, and the most popular variant of the game is the Sabra game.

Where the Rummikub History has Brought the Game

In the present, Rummikub is now considered as the third top-selling game that can be used as an excellent pastime. It is also the most popular tile game around. A lot of families also like bringing their Rummikub sets along with them on picnics and other outdoor trips because the tile-based game is more ideal to play outdoors than the card-based ones. Nowadays, over 50 countries all over the world plays Rummikub, and millions and millions of Rummikub sets are scattered internationally. The game has also been translated into many different languages for various countries to be able to embrace it fully. All these shows that the Rummikub history has indeed come full circle.




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