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  The Rummy Rules for Various Rummy Variants

There are many variants of Rummy games, each one with a certain set of Rummy rules that players need to know. But since all the games are categorized under the Rummy family of games, they have certain similarities especially regarding the general flow of the game. These similarities are retained in almost all the games. First, Rummy games follow the draw and discard flow, which means that the players will draw a card from the deck then discard a card from their hand.

Here are Rules for most of  the Rummy
versions sorted by the A-z :

  Gin Rummy

To set up a game of Gin Rummy, you need two players and a standard deck consisting of 52 decks. The two players will then select the dealer

  Kalooki 51and Kalooki 40

Kalooki 51 and Kalooki 40 are two out of the many different variants of Rummy. Though not as popular as the Gin games, the Kalooki games also have their own strengths that attract Rummy players from all over the world.

  Oklahoma Gin

Oklahoma Gin is one of those games you just have to know how to play. Fortunately for avid players of Rummy, the basic Oklahoma Gin rules are not hard to learn.

  Progressive Rummy

To play Progressive Rummy, memorizing the Progressive Rummy rules is just not enough. It is also highly important to know and remember the different contracts of each deal.


Rummikub rules are not hard to understand, but they sure are a bit more complicated than the basic rules of other Rummy variants.


The game is played following the draw and discard pattern. Once the player cards are dealt, another card is dealt and placed face up on the table for all the players to see.

 Rummy 500 also known as 500 Rum

500 Rummy is a commonly played variant of Rummy, but its rules are mostly similar to the general set of Rummy rules except for certain changes.

Traditional Rummy

Traditional Rummy, as is obvious in the name itself, is the classic form of Rummy. This version of the game, however, is ironically not the most popular.




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