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  The Basic Kalooki 51/40 Rules

Kalooki 51 and Kalooki 40 are two out of the many different variants of Rummy. Though not as popular as the Gin games, the Kalooki games also have their own strengths that attract Rummy players from all over the world. The presence of these games also provides Rummy players with an extra Rummy game to watch out for and to enjoy. And there is much to enjoy, too, since Kalooki allows more players than just the two-player limit of the classic Rummy and Gin games. To enjoy Kalooki, you can gather together up to six different players who can play the game all together. Kalooki games also come in different varieties. Kalooki 51 is the original version, and Kalooki 40 is a modified version. Both games are also praised for the high level of excitement they offer to card players. In fact, some players claim that Kalooki games are actually more thrilling and fun to play than most other Rummy games.

Kalooki 51/40 Rules: The Common Points

Some people think that Kalooki games are very distinct from Rummy games and should not be considered as part of the Rummy family. However, since the games follow the same pattern of drawing and discarding cards, it still bears important similarities to Rummy. Aside from the draw-and-discard pattern, the game also follows the same setup as in Rummy, which means it begins with card-dealing, and it also involves the upcard, the discard pile, and the stock pile. Up to that point, the play is similar. But once the players start taking turns, the differences arise. But before we get to the differences, there is one more aspect of Kalooki that bears a resemblance to some concepts used in other Rummy games. In Contract Rummy and Progressive Rummy, among some other variants, players need to lay down melds on the table, and all melds that have been laid down are open to all the players, which means that they can add cards to those melds. In Kalooki 51/40 rules, the same concept applies and is called “building.” There is absolutely no difference between the lay off move and building, except for the term used.

Kalooki 51/40 Rules: The Differences

One of the most basic differences between the rules of Kalooki games and those of the original Rummy games is the number of card decks used. The basic Rummy games uses only one deck of cards, so there will be 52 cards in the game. On the other hand, Kalooki is one of the Rummy variants that use more than one deck of cards. In a Kalooki game, two decks should be used. Aside from that, the classic Rummy games as well as the popular Gin games do not involve the use of Jokers. In Kalooki 51/40 rules, however, Jokers can be used as substitutes for cards that are still missing in an almost complete meld. Thus, they are called wild cards. Another big difference is that in the Kalooki rules, the value of the aces happens to be high, unlike in the classic Rummy games where the aces are always low cards.

Kalooki 51/40 Rules: The Big Challenge

However, it is apparent that the biggest difference between the Kalooki rules and Rummy rules is also the former’s biggest challenge. As you are already aware, players need to take turns, during which they must draw a card from any of the two piles on the table, form melds, and discard one card by the end of his turn. When forming melds, the big challenge in Kalooki 51 and Kalooki 40 is to form melds that have total values of 51 and 40, respectively. This may seem pretty difficult since these are very specific requirements considering that you do not have control over the cards that you get in your hand. But several Rummy players dig the challenge and recognize it for the ultimate ingredient that raises the stakes of the game and makes it even more attractive. Every Kalooki player needs to be able to meet these requirements so they can win the game. There are two different winning moves, according to Kalooki 51/40 rules. These are Going Out and Hunt. Going out is similar to the Gin move in Gin Rummy games. It means getting rid of all your cards by melding, discarding, or building on existing melds. The other move, Hunt, is when you are able to get rid of all your cards in just a single move. Remember that you first need to lay down a meld that is equal to 51 or 40 is you are playing Kalooki 51 or Kalooki 40, respectively, before you can start eliminating cards from your hand.




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