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There is no need to guess at the popularity of Oklahoma Gin. As the most popular version of the most popular type of Rummy game, Oklahoma Gin is one of those games you just have to know how to play. Fortunately for avid players of Rummy, the basic Oklahoma Gin rules are not hard to learn, especially since they are mostly similar to the games in the classic Gin Rummy game. There are only very few differences between the original Gin game and the Oklahoma version. To start with, Oklahoma Gin is a game meant for two players but it can also accommodate some more players as well. And like in a Gin Rummy game, a game of Oklahoma Gin starts with the dealing of the cards. Also, like the usual Rummy game, there will be a discard deck and a stock deck. In Oklahoma Gin, however, the upcard plays a bigger role. It is in this aspect that the game is different from the classic Gin Rummy game. The upcard is considered as the determiner for the number of times the players can knock in one game. Whatever value the upcard has, that’s the same limit on knocking that will be followed in the game.

Oklahoma Gin Rules for Taking Your Turns in a Game

This game follows the same order of drawing and discarding, the two most important parts of the game. All players should follow this pattern when taking their turns. The big challenge in drawing is to decide whether to draw from the discard deck or the stock deck. In some cases, this small decision greatly affects how the game progresses. After picking a card from any one of the two decks at the center of the table, the players should then consider melding his cards if there are matched cards that can be melded. After melding, he has to discard one card. This is another important decision. In the Oklahoma Gin rules, any card that has been discarded automatically becomes a dead card in the game. It can no longer be used or retrieved from the discard deck, unless the player next to you takes it and uses it in his melds. Also, in discarding a card, you also have to consider the possibilities of you needing that card later on in the game. There are cards that are worth holding on to because they offer more melding possibilities. You can also play defensively and discard cards that offer the least possibilities for your opponents. There are many ways to determine which cards to let go of, and your choice sometimes determines the overall strategy or approach you use in playing the game.

Oklahoma Gin Rules for Knocking Your Way through the Game

Gin games are geared towards one thing: getting rid of all your cards, which is a move known as going Gin. However, Gin games also place great emphasis on knocking. Knocking is a very helpful move because first, it allows you to end the play as a winner, and second, it allows you to rain down penalty points on your opponents. Knocking is a move that allows you to go out of the game even without getting rid of all your cards. In a nutshell, knocking is going out with some unmatched cards. However, a successful knock is one where your unmatched cards add up to a value that is lower to the total value of your opponent’s unmatched cards. If your opponent’s unmatched cards add up to a lower value than yours, he can underknock or undercut you, thus stealing your win from you. The value of your unmatched cards is called the deadwood count, the deadwood being the cards in your hand that remain unmatched. One tricky part in Oklahoma Gin is that there is a limit on knocking. This means that in some Oklahoma Gin games, knocking will not be allowed or will only be allowed for a specific number of times, so you need to take this into consideration when playing for knock so you can make the most out of your opportunities to knock.

Oklahoma Gin Rules for Melding

To master the Oklahoma Gin rules, you also need to be familiar with the basic concepts of melding cards together. Melding means putting like cards together. The trick, however, lies in how you identify “like” cards. These are cards that have similarities or that belong together based on the general criteria in melding. First, you can group cards that have consecutive values that belong to the same suit. For example, 3-4-5-6 cards can be grouped together to form a meld called a run. The second type of meld is the set, which should be made up of cards that have similar values but belong to different suits. Depending on the number of decks used in a game, there is a limit to the number of cards that can be put together in a set. In a one-deck game, there can only be four cards in a set. The minimum number of cards for both sets and runs, however, is three. Forming melds is one way of getting rid of the cards in your hand, aside from discarding.




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