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  An Overview of Rummikub Rules

Rummikub rules are not hard to understand, but they sure are a bit more complicated than the basic rules of other Rummy variants. There are three main variants of Rummikub, with Sabra the closest to the original version that Ephraim Hertzano created during the early 1930s. The game is played using tiles and not cards, which is enough indication that this is a unique Rummy game. It is also called many names, such as Tile Rummy, Rummy Tiles, and Rummy Cube. If you want to play Rummy with the use of tiles, you should check this game out. To start enjoying the game, you first need to learn all the Rummikub rules.

Basic Rummikub Rules

The rules here are for the Sabra version of Rummikub. The Sabra game of Rummikub is meant to be played by two to four people. The game is version of Rummikub that is closest to Rummy, except that it uses tiles. There should be 108 tiles all in all in a single game, 106 being number tiles and two being Joker tiles. The tiles come in four different colors namely blue, orange, red, and black. All the colors have thirteen cards in all, with the numbers printed on the tiles. The tiles given to the players will be called their rack instead of hands. In a game of Rummikub, your main goal is to get rid of all the tiles from your rack. You can do this by first forming melds of runs and groups, similar in concept to the melding pattern of the other Rummy games. After you form melds, you should meld them on the table. You need to release all melded tiles so your rack will decrease in value until the entire rack gets eliminated. To start playing, the players should all get one tile from the pile of tiles to determine which player goes first. The player who gets the tile with the highest value will win the game. Then, the game progresses in a counter clockwise order. The players all get 14 tiles each, then the rest of the tiles should be placed in a pool of tiles.

Rummikub Rules on Starting the Game

Once the game begins, all the players should try to make their initial meld. This initial meld should have a total of 50 points or higher. Tiles are taken at their face value, while the Jokers can be used to substitute any tile missing from a meld. The point value of Joker tiles take after the value of the tile that they substitute for. If players are left with Joker tiles once a player gets rid of all his tiles, those with Jokers will be penalized an extra 30 points for every Joker tile they have. The player who is able to eliminate his entire rack must declare Rummikub as according to Rummikub rules. There are also certain Rummikub rules regarding the melding of cards. All runs should be made up of at least three tiles in the same color and with consecutive values. One example of a run is the 1, 2, 3, and 4 tiles, all of the color red. In Rummikub, “groups” are used to refer to the melds that are called “sets” in the basic Rummy game. The groups should be made up of three or four tiles with the same value and of different colors. As a rule, of course, groups can only have a maximum of 4 tiles. However, the rule is that the tiles must be of different colors. You cannot form a group if you have tiles such as these: #5 red, #5 red, #5 black, #5 black.

Rummikub Rules on Playing the Table

Once the players have formed their initial melds of 50 points each, they can start playing the table. This means taking tiles from their rack and working on the many different melds on the table. If a player is unable to add any tile from his rack onto the existing runs and groups on the table, he must take tiles from the pool of tiles until he gets a card that he can play on the table. This means that until he gets a tile he can use, his rack will continue to expand. However, every player’s turn should be limited to just two minutes. According to the Rummikub rules, you can play on any of the melds, regardless of whether they were formed by your opponents. And in case the pool of tiles runs out before any player can declare Rummikub, the player who has the lowest count of tiles on his rack will be named the winner.




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