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  The Rummy Rules for Various Rummy Variants

There are many variants of Rummy games, each one with a certain set of Rummy rules that players need to know. But since all the games are categorized under the Rummy family of games, they have certain similarities especially regarding the general flow of the game. These similarities are retained in almost all the games. First, Rummy games follow the draw and discard flow, which means that the players will draw a card from the deck then discard a card from their hand.

Rummy 500 Rules on Melding

Aside from that, Rummy games also involve melds. Melds refer to groups of cards called sets and runs. Sets are groups of cards with the same value, while runs are groups of cards with consecutive values belonging to different suits. By melding the cards in a player’s hand, the player can eliminate the cards he does not need anymore and discard them. This basic game pattern applies to most Rummy game variants.

500 Rummy Rules

Rummy 500 is a commonly played variant of Rummy, but its rules are mostly similar to the general set of Rummy rules except for certain changes. The game of 500 Rummy, also known as Rummy 500 or Rum 500, uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The game is meant for two players but can still accommodate up to 5 players. Unlike in regular Rummy where the players get ten cards each, in Rummy 500, the players get seven cards each. The upcard will also begin the discard pile as in the basic Rummy game. The objective of the game is to reach the required number of points, as opposed to other Rummy variants where the goal is to knock first or complete melds first. In Rummy, you need to get 500 points to win the game, whereas only 100 points is needed in the regular Rummy game. If more than one player exceeds 500 points in one match, the player who gets the highest value over 500 will be named the winner. The card valuation in Rummy 500 is also different. The Aces are considered as high cards in this game, which is a unique concept since in most other Rummy games, the Aces are considered as low cards. But in 500 Rummy, they are worth 15 points each, while the face cards are worth only ten points each. The number cards, however, are valued at five points each instead of their face value. There are also some special exceptions in the game. For example, an ace that is melded with a 2 and a 3 in the same suit will only be valued at 5 points and not 15. In 500 Rummy, melds are also formed face up on the table instead of being completed in a player’s own hand. This means that in this game, you and your opponents will all see the melds that can be completed, and every time you add a card to a meld on the table, you perform a lay off. The game flow, however, is still the same. Players still follow the same draw and discard pattern.

Contract Rummy 500 Rules

Contract Rummy is a form of Rummy, but it does not refer to just one game, but also to a whole set of games that share a common feature. The term “contract” in Contract Rummy refers to a particular pattern of melds that you need to meet before you can lay down your cards. Contract Rummy is said to have come from the popularity of Contract Bridge back in the 1930s. The game is meant for three to eight players, and does not allow just two players, which sets it immediately apart from the basic form of Rummy. It also has its own set of Rummy rules that is different from the set of rules of the basic Rummy game. In Contract Rummy, the number of decks to be used will be based on the number of players. For example, if there are 3 to 4 players in a game, 2 decks of cards will be enough. If there are more than 5 players, 3 decks should be used, including two Jokers, resulting to 158 cards in all. Jokers are considered as wild cards that can be used to substitute any card missing in a meld. When a Joker is used in a meld, it takes the value of the card that it substitutes. Every game of Contract Rummy is made up of seven deals. In every deal, players should try to complete a specific predetermined meld, which is the “contract.” As the game goes on, the contract becomes even more challenging. The player who is able to lay off all his cards first will win the hand, and the final winner is the player who gets the lowest cumulative score of all the seven deals in the game.




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