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Playing for Defense

One classic and popular strategy in playing and winning Rummy games is the defensive strategy or approach. In Rummy, you can either prioritize your defensive stance or be more aggressive while playing.
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  Making the Most Out of Your Discarding Rummy Strategies

Discarding is obviously one of the most important moves you need to make in a game of Rummy. It is extremely difficult to decide which card you will let go of, especially since all discarded cards are no longer a part of the game.
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  Aggressive Rummy Strategies for the Aggressive Players

There are two basic strategies that players can use when playing Rummy. Players can choose to take a defensive stance during a game.
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  Rummy Strategies Based on Probabilities and Mathematics

Rummy is popularly known as a skill-based game, though it is also affected by elements of luck up to a certain extent. But it is not just plain luck that makes the game even more challenging; the concepts of probabilities and of mathematics play a bigger role in complicating the twists in a Rummy game.
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  Rummy Strategies on Knocking

Knocking is a highly important aspect of any Rummy game, most especially the Gin games. That’s why it is important to look into the many different Rummy strategies that center on knocking as your winning tool.
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