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  Making the Most Out of Your Discarding Rummy Strategies

Discarding is obviously one of the most important moves you need to make in a game of Rummy. It is extremely difficult to decide which card you will let go of, especially since all discarded cards are no longer a part of the game. Unfortunately, as difficult as this decision is, you are required to make it every time you take a turn. That’s why you need to be very careful in discarding cards, but this can all the same be virtually impossible to do since you have no control over the cards in your hand. Another thing that makes this decision even more challenging is that your discards in one round will affect your entire game and your future discards. But you can make the most out of your game with the use of effective and wise Rummy strategies that focus on your discards.

Discarding Based on Safe and Unsafe Cards

Winning through your discards is definitely possible. First, in discarding, it is important to look ahead. To decide on your discard, plan ahead as to whether you will still have cards left to discard after you discard an unwanted card during a turn. This particular strategy requires you to plan your discards based on a general game strategy you have in mind. Also, in discarding, you have a lot of options. You can decide which cards to throw depending on the safety of the cards. The safety of the cards mostly refers to whether the cards will benefit your opponent or not. The more possibility there is of that card being of help to your opponent, the less safe that card is. A card that cannot be used by your opponent is the safest card possible. To easily determine your discards using this concept, you can check out the Safety Factor Point Count System, which is a system that provides you with an easy way to determine the safety of a card. This strategy borders more on the defensive approach because you protect yourself from your opponent’s possible moves. According to Rummy strategies on discarding using the Safety Factor Point Count System, unsafe cards are those that can be used by your opponents five to six times.

Discarding by Considering the Possibilities

Third, you will also find yourself in many unique situations when making your discard. For example, you may have to choose between a card that offers a lot of possible melds but is yet unmatched or a card that is low on possibilities but already has a pair in your hand. You may also have to decide whether to throw a wild card or a combination card. In such cases, it is better to stick with the side that the odds favor. For example, in the first example, the odds are better for the card that offers several probable melds, and for the second, the odds are better for the combined cards than for the wild card. You can also use the single cards to break your opponent’s strategy, which means that this is both an effective discarding strategy and an offensive strategy. In using your discards as your main strategy, you need to consider the likelihood of you being able to use the cards in melds. Cards that don’t promise much potential may be discarded early.

Advertising and Early Discarding

Fourth, you may also use your discards as the center of your Rummy strategies. One classic strategy in Rummy is called advertising, wherein your discard is your primary medium. The discards become your tool of communication so you can let your opponent know which cards are least useful to you, though you will only be advertising this because you need a card of the same rank or a rank away. This is one way of using your discards as your main strategy. There is one more important aspect that affects your discarding Rummy strategies. This is the value of the cards. Beginners are commonly known for discarding their high cards from start to end. This, however, can make them pretty predictable. It is undeniably wise to discard high cards early, especially in games where knocking is an option. Finally, you also need to take note of your timing when you discard. There is what is known as early discarding in a Rummy game. Based on this concept, you can discard early and more aggressively when you have a good hand to begin with. This means that you are likely to win the hand, so you should just discard the cards that will give you the best win possible. In these cases, you do not need to consider the safety of the cards anymore. But in the case that your hand is not a winning hand, you should go for the safest discard every time.




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