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  Rummy Strategies on Knocking

Knocking is a highly important aspect of any Rummy game, most especially the Gin games. That’s why it is important to look into the many different Rummy strategies that center on knocking as your winning tool. Knocking is basically going out while you still have unmatched cards in your hand. In some Rummy variants, this move is not allowed, but in the more popular variants such as Gin Rummy, the knocking move is an essential element that stirs up the game and makes it an even more intense competition. In the Rummy games where knocking is allowed, it is always a good idea to play to knock rather than wait for all your cards to get melded. That’s why most players, especially of Gin games, are often advised to find the opportunity to knock or to knock as early as possible during a game.

Rummy Strategies: Why Play for Knock?

Playing to knock is undeniably one of the most effective Rummy strategies well-known in the Rummy world. There is no need for obscure and complicated reasons why you should play for knock. It is quite simple. Knocking will allow you to end the play a winner earlier than when you try to play for Gin. A complete Gin hand is a big challenge to pursue, and if you focus on completing your melds, your opponent can knock at any time during the game. Aside from that, there is a mathematical support for why you should focus on knocking. The points you will get for knocking will ultimately be more beneficial to your score than when you try and wait for a Gin hand. The Gin bonus of 25 points is just not enough to make up for the scores you could have accumulated by knocking.

Rummy Strategies: How to Play for Knock

But the question is, how exactly do you play for knock? If you want to play for knock, your first concern is to meld as many of your cards are possible. Then you need to evaluate the cards that are left unmatched. Consider which of them offers several possibilities in forming melds. Cards that can be easily formed into melds should stay in your hand, while those that are not easy to meld should be discarded. In playing for knock, it is often not advisable to consider the safety factor of your discards, since this will make you hold on to cards that you probably do not need. Once you have melded your cards, consider the values of your unmatched cards. Check whether they are high cards or low cards. Since your penalty points will be based on the value of your unmatched cards, the high cards will be the most detrimental for you. This means that you need to discard the high cards first. In some games, it is also important to do this with haste. Start discarding your high cards as early as you can. This is because, if you are playing to knock, then your opponent may also be playing to knock. This means that your opponent can knock anytime, and you would not want to be left with your high cards when that happens. Some players advise that you can hold on to your high cards during the early part of the game so you can unleash them to your opponent during the later part of the game when it would be hard for him to get rid of them. This may sound like an effective strategy but if you are playing Gin Rummy or your opponent seems to be playing for knock, then you should definitely rise up to the challenge and throw your high cards early just to be safe.

Rummy Strategies: Paying Attention to Your Opponent’s Hand.

In using Rummy strategies based on knocking, don’t just focus on your own hand. You also have to pay attention to your opponent, especially two particular aspects. One, your opponent can also knock at any point in the game. This means that knocking is actually a race. You need to be able to knock before he is able to get a winning knock hand. Another important aspect of knocking that you need to consider is that your opponent may have a lower deadwood count than yours when you knock. In such cases, your opponent can easily underknock you, which means he takes the win of that hand and you actually have a role in that victory. Naturally, this is something you would not want to happen in your game, so you have to be sure that you are in the right position to knock before you take the big leap.



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