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  Rummy Strategies: Playing for Defense

One classic and popular strategy in playing and winning Rummy games is the defensive strategy or approach. In Rummy, you can either prioritize your defensive stance or be more aggressive while playing. A player who decides to use defensive Rummy strategies is the one that watches his opponent’s hand closely so he can defend himself from winning moves that his opponent tries to carry out. To make the difference clearer, the aggressive player is the one who is more focused on his own hand. This means his main concern is to improve his hand and to form his melds. He will discard cards that do not belong to his melds and cards that offer the least likelihood of being part of a meld, since his focus is on completing his melds. The aggressive player often does not consider whether his discards will be used by his opponent or not. These two types of Rummy strategies, the defensive and the aggressive strategy, are complete opposites, but both are quite effective. Here, we will look into the defensive approaches in playing Rummy.

Rummy Strategies: Discarding Defensively and Knocking Early

When playing for defense, you are focused on making sure your opponents do not make winning plays and form winning melds that will allow him to get ahead in the game. There is one aspect that you need to consider very carefully when you are playing for defense, and that is your discarding strategy. One classic move in the defensive approach to play Rummy is to discard the safest cards you have. Safe cards are cards that your opponent will not find any use for. And since they cannot use the cards, you are hampering their efforts and making it especially harder for them to form their melds. Aside from the discarding aspect, the aspect of knocking, especially in the Gin Rummy variants, is another important aspect that needs to be paid attention to when you decide to use defensive Rummy strategies. In a defensive strategy, the defensive player will tend to knock as early as possible and when he finds the opportunity to do so. The defensive player rarely pays attention to trying to go for gin, and sets his sights mostly on knocking. The downside to this is that when they do win, they might do so with a weak score.

Rummy Strategies: Melding Defensively

Melding can also be done in a defensive manner. When playing defensively, you need to adjust your melds so that they are formed around the cards that you are holding on to in an effort to hamper your opponent’s melds. If you are holding on to a card that you know your opponent needs, you should form your melds around that card instead of around any of your other cards. This will ensure that your opponent will no longer get that card or the others around it.

Some Precautions on Using Defensive Rummy Strategies

There are, however, certain precautions you need to be informed of when you decide to use the defensive Rummy strategies. First of all, a defensive player is quite easy to beat. This is because as he focuses more on blocking his opponent’s moves, he will not be actively playing to win either. As he tries to minimize his losses, he will be quite restricted and his wins will also be minimized. Another reason why you also need to watch out for the disadvantages of defensive Rummy strategies is that you may become quite predictable to the extent that your opponent can adjust his moves to curb yours, which means that your defensive strategy will no longer be as effective. And as a defensive player, once you start noticing that your opponent is catching on to your moves, you might get rattled by this fact, which is definitely bad for your concentration and overall game performance.

What You Need to Focus on When Using Defensive Rummy Strategies

When you decide to play defensively, you need to avoid the disadvantages of your defensive play. A defensive player has a big chance of winning in a game if he focuses on his knocking strategies. While his opponent tries to play for gin, the defensive player’s tendency to knock will most likely be his winning point. As you continue to knock, your opponent will be thrown off and will perform badly in the game. And by knocking steadily, your opponent might be forced to change his own strategy, which means he will have to settle for unfamiliar strategies they have not mastered yet. This is one way of making the most out of a defensive strategy in a game of Rummy.



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