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  Rummy Strategies Based on Probabilities and Mathematics

Rummy is popularly known as a skill-based game, though it is also affected by elements of luck up to a certain extent. But it is not just plain luck that makes the game even more challenging; the concepts of probabilities and of mathematics play a bigger role in complicating the twists in a Rummy game. One game of Rummy may seem quite simple and straightforward to the beginner, who simply follows the basic rule to finish the game. But to the more experienced Rummy player, there is far more to the game and the moves you are required to make in it when you look at the game from the aspects of probabilities and mathematics. Probability may be taken as the mathematical explanation behind the luck factor that wounds its way to the Rummy game. The laws of probability are intricately woven into the game, starting from the point where you are dealt with your cards, to the point where you need to draw a card from the stock pile, to the point where you start forming melds, and until you discard your cards. In fact, they are highly significant that several Rummy experts set out to explore the world of Rummy strategies based on probability.

Rummy Strategies: What are the Odds?

To start with, probability affects you the moment you get your cards. To be more specific, there are thousands of possible hands that you can end up with. The truth is that the number of possible hands you can get in a game is more than fifteen billion. After the cards are dealt and the upcard revealed, this means that there are only 41 cards left in the game. Aside from that, it would be dizzying to think about the number of possible melds you can form in a game. But you can use the laws of probability to appraise your hand. You first need to evaluate whether you have a winning hand or a losing hand based on the probabilities your hand offers. This is a wise strategy to use in figuring out how to handle the game. If you have a winning hand, then you should take the offensive approach. But if your hand seems to be on the losing end, you will need to play with more caution and be more defensive. But as you continue to play, the value of your hand will naturally change, and this means that you also have to adjust your Rummy strategies.

How to Form Rummy Strategies from Probability

The laws of probability are important to any Rummy player. If you are able to understand these laws, you will have more chance in winning your Rummy games. That’s why most Rummy experts make their Rummy strategies revolve mainly around the laws of probability. First, probability can give you good clues as to how you should play your game. For example, when you are dealt with a lot of red cards, then it is safe to assume that, based on the laws of probability, your opponent has a lot of black cards. The same concept applies when you are dealt a lot of odd-numbered cards, which means your opponent most probably has more even-numbered cards. This also gives you more insight into the values of your opponent’s cards. If you have more low cards, you can assume that your opponent has more high cards. Based on this concept, one of the Rummy strategies you can use is the “Rule of Fourteen,” which is essentially a set of guidelines that assumes that a player’s move is governed by the number fourteen. Under this rule, the face cards are given equivalent numbers, with the Jack an 11, the Queen a 12, and the King a 13. For example, if a player throws a card, he will also eventually throw another card whose value will make the total value of the two cards equal to fourteen. So if you notice that you opponent seems to be accumulating a certain value, you can assume that he also needs cards that will make the value of the two cards equal to fourteen. This is a good guide to use when you are trying to decide which cards to safely discard.

Rummy Strategies for Discarding Based on Probabilities

In making a decision of which cards to throw, you can also base your judgments on probabilities. In discarding, you need to consider the probabilities of that card being of use to your opponent. If the card can be used by your opponent in a lot of ways, that card is considered a wild discard because you are taking a wild jump. However, if the card can only be used by your opponent in a few ways or cannot be used at all, those cards are safe discards.



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